Kshape Slimming

Four handles for whole body
Vacuum cavitation
Body shaping

Four handles

Machine has four handles for whole body


5 in 1 combination: Vacuum+RF+Roller+IR

Vacuum Pump

USA imported vacuum pump, no noize and stronger power

Rooler Handle

Rollers come with 4 direction

Product Description
Working Principle
Details Images 

1. 5 in 1 system: Vacuum+Roller+RF+LED+IR
2. 4 handles for whole body treatment
3. Germany imported pump, stronger power and long life time
4. LCD screen on handpiece, smart and convenient operating
5. ABS housing, convenient for maintenance

Product Parameters

Infrared Power 5-20W
Size of Treatment Handle Body: 80mm*40mm
Arm: 12mm*40mm
Face: 14mm*3mm
Vacuum 0Kpa~100Kpa
Infrared Wavelength 650nm
Vacuum Mode Continuous
RF Frequency 2MHZ
Roller Speed 0~36r/m
Voltage 220V, 50HZ; 110V, 60HZ

Product Application

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